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*Special Guest

Stan Booker,
Mayor of Lawton, Ok

Special Guests & Keynote Speakers

Our keynote speakers are community leaders and pillars in the Lawton/Fort community.  The work that they are doing is to advance and enhance the lives of the local Lawton/Fort Sill Community, as a whole, in the areas of :

  • Building cohesive teams and partnerships between Fort Sill & Lawton Community,

  • Diabetes prevention for the Comanche Nation Tribal members and the Lawton Community,

  • Ensuring equitability in healthcare on the local, county, and state levels,

  • Advancement and Technologies in under-graduate and post-graduate studies

  • Education and supporting the youth in life skills and transition assistance, and

  • Utilizing local solutions for state level initiatives, having global impact.

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*Special Guest

Rep. Rande Worthen,
House of Representatives - District 64
LTC Adia H. Terry

*Lt Col Adia H. Terry

434th Brigade Fort Sill

95th Adjutant Battalion Commander

LTC Terry is the Battalion Commander of the 95th Adjutant General Battalion (Reception).  She is the Co-Founder/Director of God's Chosen Ministry and Founder of Living Water Ministry Community Outreach  nonprofit organization. She is a member of the Lawton Chamber of Commerce and National Parks Recreation Association.  She serves as a Board of Director for Possessions, Resources, and Finances Institute, Phenix, AL, and a member of the BXTRM Movement Coalition, and is a member of Silhouette Social and Civic Club, El Paso, TX.  She hosts "This is the Day" podcast which focuses on life and endurance and also has  a passion for ovarian cancer education/awareness. She has a Master of Arts in Human Resources Management from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Livingstone College. 

Pic of Ahsha Morin

Ahsha Morin

The Red Cord SWOK


Ahsha has been involved with anti-human trafficking education and awareness since 2012. Her experience consists of a large range of volunteering areas. Including volunteering in Oklahoma City at a rescue home for girls that had been recovered from trafficking situations. She created and maintained the nutrition and life skills area of the home. Giving the girls the skills of grocery shopping for healthy food, creating meals, food prepping and other life skills. Ahsha has also had experience in the school setting when she was involved with Operation Underground Railroad in Montana. She helped lead a team of volunteers during “White Ribbon Week,” an elementary school curriculum that teaches children internet safety. The focus of the team in Montana was community awareness and education. Holding community events to bring education to the local public about human trafficking indicators, prevention, and encouraging involvement in the movement to fight this crime. Ahsha is now President with The Red Cord in SW Oklahoma. She continues to lead the organization in training the local community, first responders, police and education leaders about human trafficking and the demand that drives this crime. When Ahsha is not fighting human trafficking, she is educating about health and wellness, self-care, nutrition, and fitness to community members to decrease obesity and increase healthy lifestyles across the state. Ahsha is passionate about building a community that will not tolerate human trafficking through teaching prevention strategies to children, teens, parents, and the community as a whole..

debra johnson.jpg

Debra Johnson

Comanche County Health Department

District Health Planner

Ms. Johnson has worked with Lawton Public Schools on issues of adverse childhood experiences, as well as the City of Lawton to identify areas of food deprivation.  She has also provided educational workshops for kids, in partnership with fit kids of Southwest, Oklahoma.  She is a graduate of Cameron University, with a MS BS, General Psychology.  View Debra's Speech

onreka johnson.jpg

Onreka Johnson

Lawton City Council - Ward 7

She is the founder of Next Step TLP homeless youth program, currently works as a certified Behavioral Health Case Manager; for Our House Counseling and various organizations within the Lawton/Fort Sill Community.  She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Catholic University of America.  

rande worthen.jpg

Rande Worthen

Representative for Oklahoma 64th District

Rep. Worthen is a Lawton native.  He graduated from Cameron University and majored in Agriculture.  He a.lso obtained a J.D. in Law from the University of Tulsa College of Law.

Keynote Speakers @ #BXTRM Fall Festival 2021

Keynote Speakers @ #BXTRM Fall Festival 2021

Keynote Speakers @ #BXTRM Fall Festival 2021
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Debra Johnson Comanche County Health Dept Part 1

Debra Johnson Comanche County Health Dept Part 1

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Kathy with Care2Cure for Huntington's Disease - Part 2

Kathy with Care2Cure for Huntington's Disease - Part 2

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