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The Future for Community Music Despite growing research into the positive role of music in the lives

The Future for Community Music

Despite growing research into the positive role of music in the lives of individuals there is a now a real need for ‘systematic investigation of the ways that music can impact on groups of people in social settings22’. David Francis of The Traditional Music Forum23 feels that past research has focused on commercial and work environments and that as a result research into music in public places has been neglected. For example Francis feels that there is a whole field of worthwhile study in exploring whether music may increase tolerance when people have to queue for long periods of time and whether music and musical instruments could be utilized to engender feelings of well being and safety in public places24 .

Recently psychologists like Giorgis Tsiris (2014), Gary Andsell (2014) and Ornette Clennon (2013) have called for more collaboration between the fields of community music therapy and music and health25. Tsiris points out that there is a need for the interdisciplinary study of music and health in everyday contexts26 and how we need to further our understanding of how contemporary societal changes impact upon the delivery and practice of community music therapy. Clennon calls for further discussion into the relationship between community music and community music therapy and points to the importance of community music therapy for clients within the mental health system27

It is therefore apparent that despite the vital part that music has played in the community since prehistoric times, there is still much to investigate about the impact that it can have on modern communities. It is however clear from the research that we do have that making musical instruments accessible to all the members within a community can have a huge positive impact, not just on the individuals within the community but for the community as a whole.

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