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Ovarian Cancer, how much do we really know?

Besides the fact that ovarian cancer is a difficult disease to deal with, there is a 47% five-year survival rate, meaning more than half of those treated by conventional methods will not respond to treatment? For the patients who enter remission, its highly probable they will face recurrent and persistent form of cancer that normal practices are not properly equipped to handle. Go to to check out more information. What I found was very startling and eye opening!

"Education is Key"

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Adia Terry
Adia Terry
Aug 30, 2021

One of the most important things to know about someone who was or has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer is for her to have a quality of life. What does that mean? Simply, as a family or friend, supporting your loved one and being okay with their decisions even if you feel apprehensive or disapprove. Support them by attending counseling, appointments, and being okay if they do things you don't totally support or agree with. For example, when my mother insisted on driving, even though I was so nervous, I just learned to keep quiet after initially voicing my concern to my mother. She wanted to have her independence. It was not until I spoke to her nurse, who wa…

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