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Art Exhibit Registration

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Art Supplies

Artists registration costs is based on the amount of space necessary to exhibit each artists work(s).  Artists registration deadline is Oct. 15, 2021.

Note:  Artists are fully responsible for their artwork.  Although security will be provided for the overall premises and the event, we are not responsible for any loss, damaged, or stolen artwork during the course of the event.  If help is needed loading or setting up artwork.  A written email request must be sent to, in advance of the start of the event, so that additionally arrangements are made, so someone from our staff can assist you.  Artists receive 100% of funds from any intellectual property sold at our event.  There are no additional fees.  Once artists are done exhibiting their artwork, artist must clean their area of any trash and debris.  

-  5ft x 5ft = 25.00
-  10ft x 10ft = 50.00
-  10ft x 20ft = 125.00

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below and upload an electronic file or your artwork. Following submission of this form, you will be contacted by our event organizer, one your artwork has been reviewed.  If you are chosen to be part of our Art Exhibit, you will notified via email and/or phone for the next steps, regarding your registration status and payment.

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